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American Idol

Kenedi Anderson may have dropped out from the TV competition American Idol, but she has only managed to create an even bigger buzz for herself doing so. Here are five interesting facts about her life that you are better off knowing if you want to know more about her. Multi-talented at a young age. Former stellar auditions to her performances posted are her social media, we know that Kennedy Anderson can sing, but that is not at all the exterior talent. She can also play the piano and the guitar and is mostly self-taught as well. She took a year of lessons for both the instruments and mastered the rest on her own. She is also a songwriter and creates her own songs. All this massive talent she has is only more impressive once you consider that at 17 years old, she is still in high school, namely Western Albemarle High School. Famous father in a larger family. Turns out that Kenedi is not even the first to find stardom in her family. His father is a bit of a local star himself as a football coach of East Carolina University.

He was also previously the coach of the University of Virginia in her home state of Virginia as a family resides in the census-designated place, crozet. He is also once a football player himself at Brigham Young University in Utah. And Kennedy won't probably be the last one to be famous too, considering the large family she comes out of. She altogether has five siblings that are Dakota, Ruby, Peyton, Jace, and Jackson. She was invited to audition. While it is not uncommon for people to be invited to audition for these shows, it is still very rare the circumstances of Kennedy's edition came at an even rarer instance. Yes, she was invited to audition for American Idol after a producer saw her performing on social media. However, the producer first approached her to have her perform at America's Got Talent, an invitation later repeated for American Idol instead.

She is kind of big on social media. Kennedy may not have made a lot of headway on the show, but her social media is a whole different story. She reportedly had a thriving following on social media but has only boosted since her TV debut. She has almost 160,000 followers on Instagram currently. She also has over 17,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, with over 5,73,000 views in total. More impressively, she has almost 121,000 followers on Instagram, and over 2 million likes in total. They believe it was a controversial exit. Kennedy Anderson's exit was a shocking one considering how she was the front-runner. She got a blatant ticket stand ovation and an overflow of prices from the judges and viewers at home. Thus, her exit seemed unreasonable, especially since she only cited it to be due to personal reasons.

Some people have thought that something shady may be at play, using the example of Mario Vasquez also quit in Season 4 back in 2005, simply stating that the show wasn't right for him as a reason. However, after two years, Vasquez was named a lawsuit for sexually harassing a former production accountant. Therefore, people are worried what we are sure is nothing so controversial could have cost her exit.

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