10 Fun Facts That You Didn’t Know About Russell Wilson

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10 Fun Facts That You Didn’t Know About Russell Wilson

Number 10, Russell Wilson chose to wear number 3 in honor of the Holy Trinity.
It was first assumed that Russell chose it because he was drafted in round 3 of the 2012 NFL Draft. However, he is a Christian and is actually super vocal about his faith and his relationship with God. This can also explain why he is a huge fan of gospel music. So huge that he even listens to it before games, unlike his teammates who get hyped up with rap music. Some of the gospel artists he listens to include Kirk Franklin, Torren Wells, and Yolanda Adams.  

Number 9, during games, Russell is not a trash talker and says nothing to the other team. 
In an interview with Dan Patrick last January, Russell said that he recalls three times he talked trash to the other team and all three times the next play after turned out terrible. He also said that most of the trash talk is about him being a short quarterback. Now he only talks to his teammates and focuses on the wins I mean, when you've played with guys like Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch, I'm sure you have people that can do the trash talking for you. 

Number 8, Russell Wilson is tied with Tom Brady  for most career wins in his first eight seasons. 
The crazy thing is that Wilson was actually inches away from passing Brady if you recall the Seahawks almost scoring the game-winning touchdown during their last game of 2019 versus the 49ars. Wilson is silently becoming one of the winningest quarterbacks of all time.  Last season, he also became the first ever quarterback to have a winning record in his first eight seasons. Russell Wilson haters might say that he has only won in his career because of their defense and the legion of boom. However, he has a career passing rating that is over 100.  To put that in perspective, Aaron Rodgers is the only other quarterback in history that has a triple digit average passer rating. 

Number 7, the most impactful message Russell Wilson received from his father was Why Not You, which is now the name of his foundation. 
Launched in 2014, the Why Not You foundation is designed to inspire youth leadership and create positive change for those youth. Russell's wife, Sierra, is also a huge part of this foundation as she helps lead programs that are created to empower young women.

Number 6. Russell Wilson is a stable in the Seattle community. 
His incredible work goes beyond what he does for the Why Not You Foundation. He has always involved himself in the Seattle community in many ways. One thing that is known is that Russell goes to visit the Seattle Children's Hospital every Tuesday and has done so ever since 2012. Even during the pandemic, him and Sierra went continuing their work for the Seattle community by donating 1 million meals to those in need. Lastly, Wilson and Sierra are part-team owners of the Major League Soccer Club, the Seattle Sounders. It's safe to say, if I signed an NFL record contract to stay in Seattle, I'd be pretty happy there too.  

Number 5. Russell Wilson is a writer for the Players Tribune. 
The Players Tribune is a media company that was founded by Derek Jeter. All the writing published for this company is created by athletes. As a senior editor, Russell has written several articles for the Players Tribune throughout the last six years about various topics including baseball, Peyton Manning, domestic violence and his experience with bullying. 

Number 4. When Russell Wilson signed his NFL record contract in April of 2019, 
he gifted his 13 offensive linemen with Amazon stocks. Each lineman received around $12,000, which adds up to $156,000 worth of stocks. Russell had some words to say to his linemen about this act of kindness. You sacrifice your bodily and intellectual well-being to shield me, which in flip permits me to offer take care of my family. Now it's miles my flip to go back the favor. Not only was this favor extremely kind, but it was also extremely smart. In April 2019, one share of Amazon stock ranged between $1,800 and $1,900. We all know that Amazon is rapidly expanding year after year and seems to not be slowing down. Now, one share is worth over $3,200. That is a 170% increase of the $156,000 Russell Wilson invested, which should now be worth over $265,000 of Amazon stock. 

Number 3. Russell Wilson has an amazing car collection. 
Russell has always been interested in cars and especially now with that new contract money, he has some room to splash a little cap. This allowed him to promote his all-black G-Wagon and when I say all-black, I mean literally every part of the car from the windows to the tire rims is blacked out. His G-Wagon purchases didn't stop there. In 2019, Russell surprised Sierra on Valentine's Day with matching G-Wagons, a black one for her and a silver one for himself. Other cars Russell has been spotted driving in include an all-black Range Rover, a 1959 MG, GMGA Roadster, and a Rolls Royce reported to cost over $325,000. 

Number 2. Russell Wilson Has His Own Podcast The podcast is titled Danger Talk and it gives fans an authentic look on Russell Wilson's thoughts surrounding numerous topics. 
He even has his podcast during the season with other Seahawks players as guests so you can get a super in-depth and transparent look at how Russell and other Seahawks are feeling about their season. Russell tells some hilarious stories on his podcast that you just won't see in the mainstream media. For example, during week 2 of the 2019-2020 season vs the Steelers, Wilson admitted to having the flu during the game and feeling sick as a dog. He said he was throwing up on the sideline and even admitted to crapping his pants. It was all worth it in the end as the Seahawks get the win and Russell somehow manages to throw up a winning performance. I'm just hoping the guy that had to clean uniforms that week got a raise.  

Number 1. Russell Wilson's father used to coach Russell through fake press conferences when he was growing up. 
This can definitely explain why Russell is so well spoken and seems to always say the right thing. His father was also a great athlete. It is known that he played college football and baseball at Dartmouth University and almost made it to the NFL.

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