Squid Game Season 2: Top 10 facts that you don't know about Squid Game Season 2

Top 10 facts that you don't know about Squid Game Season 2
Squid Game Season 2
Number 10
Sae-Byeok's Brother Will Join Squid Game in Season 2 
In the ninth and final episode of Squid Game, Kian caps off Sae-Byeok's and show Sang Wu's backstories by putting Kong Chil, Byeok's brother, in the care of Sang Wu's mother. Kian also gives a sizable amount of money to Sang Wu's mother, who is unaware that her son is dead and will never come back. Meanwhile, by ensuring that Kong Chil ends up in a nice home, Kian fulfills his promise to Byeok's, also known as Squid Game Player 067. When Kong Chil grows up, it's inevitable that he'll have questions for Kian regarding his big sister.  And when Kong Chil finds out about Squid Game, he will be inclined to join, as he can use the money to get the rest of their family out of North Korea. This will only occur if Squid Game Season 2 happens far enough into the future for Kong Chil to become an adult, or at least a teenager.  

Squid Game Season 2

Number 9
Squid Game Season 2 will reveal how in Ho-won and became the front man. 
In the front man's inner sanctum, Jun Ho also finds evidence that his missing brother in Ho not only joined but actually won Squid Game in 2015. Whether through flashbacks or the main plot, Squid Game Season 2 could show not only how in Ho-won the games, but how he became the front man as well. This will not only answer some of Squid Game's biggest mysteries, it will also give Season 2's showrunners an excuse to cast acclaimed actor Lee Byung-hyun again, this time in a role where he can spend maximum of his screen time unmasked.  

Squid Game Season 2
Number 8
the police will try to stop the game.
Before Jun Ho supposedly being shot dead, the police officer desperately tried to send evidence of the games to his colleagues. In fact, he even managed to get a hold of his boss to share his location and give a quick rundown of what was happening at the game. And even though his boss thought he was crazy; Jun Ho's prolonged disappearance could convince the police force to come looking for their lost officer. If this happens, Season 2 of Squid Game may potentially focus on the police takedown of the games and those involved, instead of us just watching another round of games take place.

Squid Game Season 2
Number 7 
Will Squid Game divide into the mechanics of the game itself? 
It surely takes a army to construct and run the diabolical island. There are bosses, sure, but Squid Game also gives us an army of enforcers and executioners, as well as cooks, drivers and recruiters. Plus, you know, tech people to do Wi-Fi. Season 2 might offer a look at the mechanizations of the entire affair. If there's any justice, we'll also get a bit more about the devil who serves as the recruiter for the games. Seen in Episode 1 playing a particularly slappy game of Dokji, the paper-flipping game, and rocking a sharp suit in the subway, the character's sinister smile marks him as something of a soothsayer and all but begs for future exploration. 

Squid Game Season 2
Number 6
Will the loss of life of a VIP have repercussions? 
One of the VIPs gets killed when he takes Jun hoed to a private room and tries to rape him. From the VIP point, this should represent a very serious flaw in protocol.  After all, they pay good money to see people die, not to get killed themselves. Do the other one's care? Will they restructure? Is somebody getting fired? Will they introduce a brand-new rank of guards?  The X-mask is just waiting to complete the PlayStation combo, come on. Make it happen.

Squid Game Season 2
Number 5 
Song Kian will infiltrate Squid Game as a worker in Season 2 
Squid Game uses colors to symbolize different elements in the show. This is why there is considerable weight behind the theory that the salesman's blue and red Dokji paper tiles respectively correspond to Squid Game's players and workers.  Kian became a player and donned the blue-green tracksuit after he chose the blue tile. Given the use of colors for symbolism, Kian's fiery new red-dyed hairdo is a sign that he's going to infiltrate Squid Game as a worker the next time he gets involved in the games.  Moreover, Il-Nam's death could ensure that Squid Game's organizers won't take away Kian's billions, even if he does move against the games, which means that he has the resources necessary for any type of revenge plan.

Squid Game Season 2
Number 4 
Will see Kian become a villain? 
Speaking of En Ho, just how did he go from winner to front man in such a short period of time?  However, it happened; a comparable destiny may be in save for Kian. Season two will probably have a classic ending where the main character becomes the evil guy Kian will kill the front man and take the title for himself. And just like En Ho, he could have turned dark because of all the death he witnessed, or because of his anger towards society that put him in this position, or just due to some unknown circumstances. 

Squid Game Season 2
Number 3 
Blackpink's genie will compete as a player in season 2. 
Okay, so this one is a bonus theory that is doing it.the rounds. Blackpink member Jeannie may star as a player in Squid Game season two. Why? Some people reckon it's likely because she's a fan of the series and was spotted on set during the 1st season. Specifically, she was seen sitting next to actress Young Ho-Yun in her bed in episode 8, which is when Byeok's dies. 

Squid Game Season 2
Number 2 
Season 2 having an entirely new cast.  
This one would be sad, as we all want to see our favorite characters at least one more time, but season two could follow completely new players participating in the Squid Game in Korea. However, we might watch them make different decisions than the ones in the first season, and therefore, see how different actions give us different consequences. So, the director might give us a chance to watch Squid Game again with different players who show us new possible paths they could have went through, if they just took slightly different decisions. 

Squid Game Season 2
Number 1
The backgrounds of the previous players. 
Another interesting theory was talking about how Squid Game's second season could happen as a flashback, where we see how the players reached the debts that led them to play Squid Game. As heartbreaking as it would be to see the characters again after you already knew their fate, but it would be a very emotional ride. Imagine seeing Oli again as he is immigrating, or Cho Sang-Woo in university when he was actually a good student, seeing Kyeon's gambling origins, how it started, or seeing a younger version of Byeok's trying to escape North Korea for example. I am all in for this one. After all, in season 1 we jumped right into the games without having to know more of the character's background. Let us know in the comments what's your favorite facts for season 2?

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