What is an interesting fact about cricket? | Top 10 Fact About Cricket

Top 10 Fact About Cricket

Number 1 
Being a great team with many legends in Sri Lankan cricket, Sri Lanka has never won a Test match against Australia in Australian soil till now. In total 13 Test Series between these two sides, Sri Lanka has won only two times against Australia.  The two wins are on their home soil. 

Number 2 
Many players play well till knockout stages in world cup, but they fail in main matches due to pressure. Sourav Ganguly and Rohit Sharma are the only Indians who scored centuries in knockout stages of world cup. Ganguly has done it against Kenya in 2003 semi-final, and Rohit has scored centuries against Bangladesh in 2015 quarter final. 

Number 3 
In a Test match between South Africa and West Indies in 1999, all 11 players of South Africa were jointly named as men of the match. 

Number 4 
VVS Laxman is the only Indian player to have played more than 100 Test matches, but not played a single world cup match. 

Number 5 
Obstructing field is considered as out according to Law 37 in cricket Mohinder Amarnath was the only Indian who was given out due to this rule. During Odi Agnes Sri Lanka, the fielder has thrown ball to baller. Meanwhile, Amarnath has kicked the ball away from the baller to avoid getting out. Yusuf Pathan was also involved in this type of incident in 2013 IPL. 

Number 6 
We all know that cricketers were paid by their boards for playing to national side, but Zimbabwe is a great cricketer. Brendan Taylor has paid $250 to board for playing in 2015 old cup, due to insufficient funds at Zimbabwe cricket. 

Number 7 
Sachin Tendulkar has more 5-wicked than Shane Warne, Sachin has 5 5-wicked, whereas Shane Warne has only 1 5-wicked in ODI. How many of you know these facts before? Comment your views below. 

Number 8 
In 2013 Test match against South Africa, both ABD and Dhoni started balling in same match. This was the first instance where both wicket keepers taking ball in one match. 

Number 9 
Virender Sehwag is the only captain in odi's scored a double century. He achieved this feat against West Indies in 2011. 

Number 10
India was the first teams to win ICC World Cup as host in 2011, 2nd team is Australia in 2015, 3rd team is England in 2019.

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