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Today we're switching up the beat as we dive into the life of multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. So, get ready to shake it off as we uncover 10 facts about Taylor Swift. 

What are 10 facts about Taylor Swift?

Number 10. A name that struck a chord. 
You may be familiar with the legendary James Taylor, a pivotal figure in the singer-songwriter scene. But did you know he played a significant role in our beloved Taylor Swift's life before she was even born? That's right. Taylor Swift, born on December 13, was named after this influential musician by her parents Andrea and Scott Swift. In a 2015 interview, James Taylor revealed his own surprise when he found out about being Swift's namesake and how he received a surprise invitation to join her on stage at Madison Square Garden. With a namesake like James Taylor, it seems music was always destined to be a part of Swift's life. 

Number 9. the season to be Swift. 
Before Taylor Swift was serenading the world with her songs, she was romping around her family's Christmas tree farm. She shared this fact in a 2014 interview, mentioning how her unique upbringing instilled in her a profound love for fall and the holiday season. Years later, in 2019, she penned a song titled, Christmas Tree Farm, complete with a music video featuring snippets of her childhood memories. This uncommon upbringing adds a touch of festive charm to her already captivating life story. 

Number 8. Broadway dreams. 
Before she was crafting her own songs, Taylor Swift was dreaming of Broadway. In a 2012 interview, she shared her early ambitions of standing in the spotlight on a Broadway stage, attending countless auditions in New York, and taking vocal and acting lessons. Despite her initial lack of success, she transitioned to writing songs while keeping her passion for theater alive. So, before the pop star life chose her, Swift had her heart set on belting out tunes on the Broadway stage. 

Number 7. Under investigation. 
In 2009, Swift turned heads by venturing into acting, making a guest appearance in CSI crime scene investigation. She played the ill-fated Haley Jones, whose character was unfortunately murdered. Swift's portrayal demonstrated her acting abilities beyond singing and song writing. This laid a foundation for future roles, including an appearance on New Girl and roles in films like Cats and The Lorax. Her dabble in the acting world showed us there's more to Swift than her iconic pop anthems. 

Number 6. Model behavior. 
Before becoming a pop icon, Swift tried her hand at modeling, featuring in Abercrombie's Rising Stars campaign in 2003. Her model-like looks and tall figure made her a natural choice for the campaign, which aimed to spotlight emerging talents.  While her modeling stint was brief, it gave her a platform to be noticed, paving the way for her future success in the music industry. Swift's multifaceted talents only added to her overall appeal, proving that she is more than just a gifted songwriter. 

Number 5. Melodies in the Blood. 
Swift's knack for captivating performances might be a gift from her grandmother Marjorie Finley, an accomplished opera singer and TV personality. Finley's extensive career in music likely influenced Swift's own aspirations. In 2020, Swift paid tribute to her grandmother with the song Marjorie from her album Evermore. Even crediting her for sampled backing vocals, she further celebrated her legacy in the music video for Anti-Hero, demonstrating the significant impact her grandmother had on her life and career.

Number 4. Sitting on a Fortune.
Taylor Swift isn't just making waves with her music. She's also one of the richest self-made women in the industry. With an impressive net worth of $740 million, she surpassed Madonna and Beyonce, landing the second spot on Forbes' list. Despite her already immense success, Swift's fortune is bound to grow, with her highly anticipated Aeris Tour underway, which famously crashed the Ticketmaster website during pre-sales in 2022. Swift's financial success is a testament to her relentless work ethic, unique talent, and innovative approach to music and business. 

Number 3. A picture worth a thousand words. 
Step into Taylor Swift's house, and you might be taken aback by a peculiar sight.  A framed picture of her infamous run-in with Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs. With a note saying, life is full of interruptions, it serves as a powerful reminder of the hurdles she's faced and overcome. But the quirks don't stop there.
She also has a fish tank filled with vintage baseballs and a collection of white nightgowns, so they can pretend to be pioneer women. 

Number 2. Novelist at 14. 
Before she was penning chart-topping singles, Taylor Swift was crafting narratives in her own young adult fiction novel. At the age of 14, she wrote, A Girl Named Girl, a story about a mother who yearned for a son but had a daughter instead.  Even at a young age, Swift showed a talent for storytelling, a skill that later contributed to her success as a songwriter. It seems that whether in music or literature, Taylor Swift has always had a way with words. 

Number 1. Makeup MacGyver. 
One of Swift's surprising beauty hacks from her teenage years involved using a sharpie as eyeliner. Yes, you heard it right. In a piece she wrote titled, 30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30, she warned against repeating her youthful experimentation, advocating for a more skincare-friendly routine instead. Swift's beauty blunders are relatable and humanizing, reminding us that even international pop stars have to learn from their mistakes.  And who knows, maybe her adventurous approach to makeup led to her own signature look today. 

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