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The goat, Virat Kohli, On the chilly day of November 5th, 1988, in the bustling city of Delhi, a humble abode filled with the giggles of a newborn, Virat Kohli. His father, Prem Kohli, was a lawyer by profession, and his mother, Saroj Kohli, managed the household responsibilities. Since childhood, Virat Kohli displayed a great passion for cricket. At the age of 3, he picked up a cricket bat and would often request his father to bowl for him. Recognizing his immense enthusiasm for the sport, their neighbors suggested that Prem Kohli should enroll Virat in a professional cricket club.  So, in 1998, his father took 9-year-old Virat to the West Delhi Cricket Academy to receive training under Rajkumar Sharma. Initially, Sharma thought of him as just another cricket enthusiast, but within two weeks, he was impressed by Kohli's accuracy and throwing power. Young Kohli spent the next few years refining his skills.  However, despite his abilities, he initially couldn't secure a place on the under-14 Delhi team due to external factors. Nonetheless, Kohli persevered and redoubled his efforts, ultimately earning a spot on the under-15 Delhi team in October 2002. Virat continued to display exceptional talent for the next few years.  However, just when things were seemingly falling into place, life took a tragic turn. On December 19, 2006, his father Mr. Prem Kohli suffered a stroke and unfortunately passed away the same night. At the time of this incident, 18-year-old Virat was playing a Ranji trophy match, and his team was on the verge of defeat. Virat faced one of the most challenging decisions of his life choosing to postpone his father's burial to help save Delhi from defeat. The following day he delivered an incredible 90 run performance rescuing his team from trouble. This early display of game and his remarkable ability to handle pressure. 

when did Virat Kohli started playing cricket

In 2008 Virat Kohli's life transformed as he captained the under-19 cricket World Cup winning team. Joined RCB on a youth IPL contract and made his international debut for the Indian cricket team However, this initial setback didn't deter Kohli. He continued to work relentlessly and eventually earned his place on the world stage in 2011. During the ICC Cricket World Cup, he made history as the first Indian batsman to score a century on his World Cup debut. What's more this formidable Indian team featuring legends like Tendulkar and Dhoni went on to clinch the prestigious trophy that year. 

Who is the king of cricket

Following that remarkable achievement Kohli continued to set new records not only for himself but also for his team. Today Virat Kohli is not just a cricketing legend. His journey teaches us that with hard work, dedication and the right attitude we can overcome any obstacle and turn our dreams into reality. Trivia time! Did you know king Kohli holds the record for winning the most player of the series award in international cricket? He also holds the record for achieving the number one ranking in all three formats of the game. thank you. 

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