Which are the 10 most richest countries in the world?

Which are the 10 most richest countries in the world?

HSBC have made some very scientific predictions and whit's countries will be the riches in 2050  studying economics of 100 nations some of the conclusions are startling predicting the future is a difficult task especially when it comes to foreseeing the world of nations any projection of the new world order in the next decades involve complex analysis of vital economic systems and infrastructure the quality of a nation's education system and democratic institutions fertility rates and rule of law are all considers this allows analysis to predict GDP and per capita income in light of the path that will take each nation towards the Year 2050 how will the world economy look in 2050 

10 - Canada 2.29 trillion dollars 
Canada is the only country on this list projected to stay put currently ranked as the 10th richest country in the world and projected to remain 10 in 2050 despite his lack of chains Canadians are expected to rise three spots in per capita income weighting from 15 to 12 in 2050 the Canadian economy weather the storm of the economic crisis key to a strong banking system ranked among the most stable in the world. 

9 - France 2.75 trillion dollars 
France 2.75 trillion dollars net exam for economic challenges faced by other financial heavyweights of the evening friends will fall from 9th richest country in the world by 2050 with Brazil India and Mexico climbing above the friend's projection is stated compared to the tales of the developed world France will lag behind in terms of development of per capita income during the next few decades. 

8 - Mexico 2.8 1 trillion dollars 
Mexico 2.8 1 trillion dollars currently the 13th richest country in the world Mexico is poised to make a hit slip into the top 10 projected to rise 5 spots to become the eighth richest country in 2050rising above friends Canada Spain South Korea and Italy ionically despite this jumping world the average per-capita income from Mexicans is predicted to fall 5 spots from 42nd in the world 37th. 

7 - Brazil 2.96 trillion dollars 
the country has rebounded to continue operating as one of the biggest economies in the world Turk wrote in first priority is expected to continue for the foreseeable future with Brazil rising 2 spots over France and Italy to become the seventh richest nation on earth. 

6 - United Kingdom 3.50 a trillion dollars 
the United Kingdom is projected to narrow the difference we have between itself and the German economy the biggest in Europe currently Germany is 346 billion dollars a head of the British well in 2015 the gap between the two will be 138 billion dollars what Germany and retain will drop one place in the standings because of the surging economy of India which recently broke the trillion-dollar mark. 

5 - Germany 3.71 trillion dollars 
Germany is projected to be the largest economy in Europe in 2050 holding of the United Kingdom to remain as one of the top five richest countries on the planet although India is expected to overtake the Germans in the meantime despite falling from fourth to fifth German income per capita will rise it ranks from eighteen to tenth in the world like likely due to a population reduction of 11 million between 2010 and 2050.

4 - Japan 6.43 trillion dollars 
with rapidly aging population Japan is looking to overcome the worst incredible projected decline in working population of 37 percent nonetheless as Japan figures out how to deal with the shrinking workforce paying for the social services of an aging society, they will still be the fourth richest on earth. 

3 - India 8.17 trillion dollars 
India is an example of the economic benefits of a growing population ranking in the top 5 in terms of countries that will experience a certain working population as of 2050 India projects to be the third richest country on earth and the most populous overtaking China to become the first country with a billion and a half residents.  

2 - United States 22.27 trillion dollars
all economic infrastructure indicator is heart strong for the United States such as strong democracy rule of law and population demographics that includes an above average fertility rate nonetheless the richest country on earth for several decades will fall to become the second richest by 2050. 

1 - China 25.33 trillion dollars 
the richest country in the world in 2050 is predicted to be China China's population growth is being slowed by one of Charles Halsey however causing a reduction in the country's working population by 2050.

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