The Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers 2023 {UPDATED}

Highest-Paid Footballers

Football fans welcome to where we bring to unique football info now let's get right into today's blog footballers all around the world are making huge amounts of money so today i bring you the top 10 highest paid footballers.

10- Gareth Bale (19.5 million $)
we have Gareth bale although the Welsh superstar has suffered a fall from fame in the recent years, he is still earning a lot his total amount of earnings per year is 19.5 million dollars with millions of dollars coming from Tottenham hotspur and the other six million coming from endorsements Gareth bill has a huge sponsorship deal with adidas bale signed the deal with the company in 2014 worth over million dollars over six years.

9- Paul Pogba - (20 million $)
Paul Pogba's agent mina Raiola is always trying to find clubs that are going to pay him more money and Pogba's total salary per year is 20 million dollars with 18 million coming from football and the other million coming from sponsorship and endorsement deals.

8- Antoine Griezmann (21.2 million $)
Antoine Griezmann as we move through the list the salaries get quite higher Griezmann's total salary per year is 21.2 million dollars with millions of coming from football and the other 5 million coming from sponsorship deals he has been sponsored by footwear maker puma and the tech company Hawaii.

7- David Ge Gea (22.7 million $)
David Ge Gea he is the highest paid goalkeeper in the world and the only goalkeeper on the list he has 22.7 million dollars in earnings per year with millions of dollars coming from Manchester and the other three coming from endorsements he has a huge sponsorship deal with adidas which he signed in 2015 as well as a deal with Pepsi and ea sports. 

6- Robert Lewandowski (28 million $)
we have Robert Lewandowski he is thought to be the best striker in the world with a total of 28 million dollars in total earnings a year with 24 million dollars from his salary at Bayern Munich and the other 4 million from endorsements he does deserve this since he's winning all the possible trophies for Bayern Munich, he has some major sponsors and endorsements from companies like Nike Opel and ea sports.

5- Muhammad Salla (43 million $)
we have Muhammad Salla slash 43 million dollars in earnings per year but only 24 of those millions is from Liverpool while the other 13 million dollars are from brand deals salah has many deals with companies like adidas and he has also signed a huge deal with uber on February 2nd, 2018.

4- Killian Mbappe (110 million $)
we have the superstar Killian Mbappe at 24 years old the star has 110 million dollars in earnings per year with 28 of those millions coming from PSG while the other million's dollars are from sponsors and brand deals although I would have to say that he should be paid more since he is an amazing player.

3- Neymar jr (112million $)
we have the one and only Neymar jr, Neymar had a record high transfer to PSG and is making 112million dollars in total earnings every single year with 78 of those millions from PSG and the other 18 million dollars from brand deals one of his major sponsorship deals is with Nike Neymar jr signed an 11-year sponsorship deal with Nike in March of 2011. Neymar is even the first footballer to get customized air Jordan sneakers made by Nike some other companies that he has deals with are red bull replay McDonald's and much more Neymar has had sponsorship deals with over 20 different companies throughout his career.

2- Leno Messi (135 million
leno Messi has the highest salary per year with a total of 135 million dollars in earnings per year with 92 million coming from fc Barcelona and the other million's dollars coming from endorsements although because of the financial crisis going on because of the pandemic fc Barcelona are in debt and are struggling to pay his salary to him which is why there is a possibility of Messi transferring to Manchester city this summer. 

1- Cristiano Ronaldo (260 million $)
Cristiano Ronaldo is the first footballer to become a billionaire, but his annual earnings are still not the highest Ronaldo is making 260 million dollars in total earnings every year with 140 of those millions coming from Juventus and the other millions of dollars from endorsements.
what's your favorite player from this list and I'll see you in the next one. 

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