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What expensive things does Hrithik Roshan own?

five expensive things owned by Hrithik Roshan is an Indian actor who works in Hindi films he has portrayed a variety of characters and it's known for his dancing skills he is a one of the highest paid actors in India with net worth of 370 million dollars equal to 2713 crore rupees and he also won many awards including six Filmfare awards then let's get it on 

5 - Expensive Watch Collection (7500 dollars)
expensive watch collection Hrithik Roshan loves to wear expensive and rare watches and he is also brand ambassador of luxury watchmaker brand Rado in his collection the most expensive watch is Rolex submariner date which cost seventeen thousand five hundred dollars equal to twelve point eight three lakh rupees. 

4 - Car Collection (cost 3.29 crore rupees)
Hrithik Roshan car collection he owns many expensive cars which includes Aston martin rapids which cost 3.29 crore rupees Mercedes Maybach s500 which cost 1.86 crore rupees Mrecedes-Benz s-class which cost 1.41 crore rupees BMW 730 ld. which cost 1.38 crore rupees mini cooper which cost 43 lakh rupees and the most expensive car in his collection is roll through his ghost which cost 5.25 crore rupees. 

3 - Private jet (18 million dollars)
Cessna citation sovereign private jet Hrithik Roshan purchased this private jet during the shoot of jodh Akbar with the spacious cabin and luxurious interior it cost 18 million dollars equal to 132 rupees and it can carry up to eight passengers in it. 

2 - Mannat Apartments (97.50 crore rupees)
sea facing air mentioned Hrithik Roshan purchased 14th 15th and 16th floors of Mannat apartments which is equal to 46 flats of the building about 38 000 square feet area he made this deal in October 2020 for 97.50 crore rupees he gets 10 parking space 6500 square feet terrace area and a beautiful view of Arabian sea. 

1 - Hrx Brand (220 crore rupees)
Hrithik Roshan hrx brand Hrithik Roshan launched his brand on mantra.com in November 2013 and later in 2017 he made a partnership with kulfit and in June 2020 hrx entered into a partnership with Flipkart to launch their first verrange of audio devices and today hrx brand net worth is around 220 crore rupees. 

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